A shambles

Service fails vulnerable

CONGRATULATIONS to News reporter Liza Williams for reporting on the ranking of Wirral social services, as most users of the service will agree it provides one of the worst services in England and fails the vulnerable clients it is there to help.

This has sadly been confirmed in detail by the Care Quality Commission in its recently published report.

Council chiefs say they are taking the findings very seriously.

Too right they should.

They are the very people who have been responsible for the progressive decline of the social services department, to the point that it is bordering on being unfit for purpose, something I, and many others, I know from bitter and traumatic personal experiences.

Sadly the chief officers responsible will not be held to account as they would if these results were in the private sector. Instead they will no doubt be disappearing shortly with a lucrative early retirement or redundancy package. It’s about time the elected members showed their teeth, bit the bullet and held those responsible to account for failing the most vulnerable members of the Wirral community, before there are fatalities, as sadly reported nationally on an all too frequent basis.

Concerned, Eastham

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From The Wirral News Letters page December 2010

Wirral Council Knows How To Treat It’s Staff

It treats it’s staff in the same way as it treats the public…unless you happen to be able to negotiate your severance, ala a number of senior managers.