Highlights include…

” a significant number of failures in the quality of services for local people, many of whom were vulnerable and in need of the Council’s support. It is these vulnerable people, ultimately, who have suffered as the Council has struggled to resolve a myriad of organisational issues that need attention and improvement.”

“A reluctance to listen to and support Wirral MBC staff when they have tried to raise and resolve issues on the Council’s behalf.
B. Confidential comments made during the DASS review that some staff were at the time of interview reluctant to speak out because of the perceived impact this might have on them and/or their career at Wirral MBC.

These machinations have had a corrosive impact on the basic levels of trust that need to exist between a council, its members, staff, residents and users.

Trust is damaged when services fail. But trust is lost when the openness, honesty and indeed, motives of the organisation and individuals charged with resolving problems come into question. This is what has happened at Wirral MBC. As the organisation has struggled to generate accurate information, not responded to complaints, failed to properly execute agreed decisions, people have suspected conspiracies rather than maladministration.”


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