How Not To Deal With A Sick Employee Part 2- The Wirral Way.

More enlightening news reaches us on how Wirral BC manipulate ‘procedures’ to rid themselves of troublesome staff with disabilities.

The Scenario :  When you have a condtion covered by the Disability Discrimination/Equalities Act, and your employer has failed to make reasonable adjustments and you fall ill due to the sheer chaos of your working environment, do you get support? 

The Answer :

So if you are lucky enough to be in the employ of Wirral Council, and  if the strain of your caseload has made your  illness so debilitating that you cannot function then  it’s your own fault. It’s a character defect within you – you are of no use to them !

  In a nutshell your employers make you ill, offer you no support and then threaten you with the sack for having the audacity to be ill.  Welcome to the wonderfully twisted world of Wirral Borough Council were compassion and empathy are as valued  as speed limits and  health and safety are by Jeremy Clarkeson.

 And they wonder why, even in such harsh economic times, when Voluntary Serevrance was offered well over 40% of Social Services staff applied. It appears the dole and an uncertain finacial future seemed eminently more preferable than remaining in a miasima of dysfunction and intimidation.

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