The reports findings should come as no surprise to anyone who has had the misfortune of having to deal with Wirral Council’s Senior Officers who lacking in both vision and values have comprehensively failed the citizens of Wirral. The primary concern of these Elite Officers is self advancement; they operate within a culture of collective self preservation that obviates constructive challenge and creativity in either forming policy or implementing practical solutions. It is a culture that is mirrored by the total lack of leadership provided by our local political clans who in the absence of any real competency or creativity default to tribal squabblings and cronyism; contenting themselves instead with posturing. With one or two notable exceptions our Senior Officers and Political Leaders are a throroughly self interested, self absorbed and self referring group that lack the talent and drive to arrest the economic and social decline of much of Wirral. Thank goodness that the Council’s services are delivered by a core of committed public servants who have not forgotten that the Council exists to serve its Citizens and not the reverse.

Comment on Wirral Globe website regarding how Wirral Council conduct it’s business.

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