How Not To Treat A Sick Employee Part 57 – The Wirral Way.

Nothing too sensational here, just what some could be interpret as a basic failure to provide a duty of care to a disabled employee by Wirral Council. The employee has shown us a large number of emails in which he repeatedly asked for some FOUR months to be referred to Occupational Health. Sadly his managers failed to act upon these requests, maybe because, hey it’s not gonna look good if all your employees are so stressed out that they are virtually BEGGING to be referred to Occupational Health is it ? Not when possibly your telling the Directors just how fabulously well the section is performing and that staff morale is as high as the proverbial elephants eye. 

No, no, no Paul isn’t crying because he’s stressed out due to an impossible work load, heavens no!  They are tears of undiluted joy because he’s hit another Performance Indicator target !  That’s how much this guy LOVES his work – I’m recommending him for a golden cone award

The employee was finally told over 3 months after asking for the referral, in November that the required paperwork had been duly filled in and he had been referred to Occupational Health. And so  he decided to chase up the matter with the OH department ( see email below)

… The ‘can barely be arsed,’ style response is quite staggering given that they are dealing with sick employees, many who could be at their wits end.  OH is ostensibly there for the benefit of employees surely ? With the aim of keeping them supported and in work wherever possible when suffering from ill health ?  I’m pretty sure that’s how the H&SE would view the OH role, one of proactive, supportive intervention.  I mean you wouldn’t use OH as a punitive tool now would you, to threaten staff ?

Said employee went off on-long term sick in the December just before an OH appointment was suddenly and rather miraculously arranged. Stable door anybody ?

NB – News of the Golden Cone Awards is travelling fast – See Here

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