How Not To Deal With A Sick Employee Part 1,002- The Wirral Way.

Following on from our disturbing revelations about how Wirral Council’s Social Services Department [in particular]  deals with sick/disabled employees HERE and HERE we have received the following email. 

“Just read the Wirral Leaks.

When I read the bit about the worker who had been denied access to Occy Health I could have sworn they were talking about ME!

I saw OH recently and told him I had asked to be referred to occy health when I came back off sick in Feb 2011. I was promised by my manager that she had made a referral and in subsequent supervisions she promised to ‘follow it up.’  When I finally went off sick again in some months later  I rang Occy Health straight away to chase up the referral that had been made.

Guess what? They had never received one. Occy Health told me to chase it up with Human Resources. They said they’d ‘look into it’.

Guess what again? A referral suddenly materialised and there was some reference to an ‘admin error’ explaining referrals had been lost or misplaced by HR or something.

Given my manager said she was looking to occy health for some guidance re my ‘reasonable adjustments’ [Under DDA/Equalities Act]  and in the meantime I was struggling to cope, and ultimately became ill again and went off sick,  this is total negligence.

Now I am not calling my manager a liar but I have continually asked for copies of referrals that were made with no reply.”


You have to ask the question, if they cannot provide the basics in a duty of care to ill or disabled employees, how can they be trusted to look after our most vulnerable members of society

It seems they have learnt the square root of f*** all  and Senior officers carry on regardless despite being shamed in the past for sending emails over even more shocking matters  such as ….

[Officer C (DASS)] to [Officer D (DASS)]
24 February

Subject: RE: Supported Accommodation – Charging Policy
Once we go for a ‘reimbursement’ the cover’s blown. However we can’t bury our head in the sand for too much longer as the charging review group will start soon (it could be better to leave it to that group to consider?) In the meantime there is ‘unfairness’ in the system hence my advice to X to consider the broader issues in AMT.

As evidenced in the Whistleblowing case involving Martin Morton who highlighted an ‘illegal charging policy‘  – Seems like nowts changed at WBC.


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