Wirral council’s plan for ‘radical change’

So often in the past Wirral Council, despite needing more wake up calls than Rip Van Winkle has had one plan and one plan alone when faced with criticism, be they Social Services safeguarding red flags, damning CQC reports or genuine concerns raised by Whistle-blowers.  

This is the normal default position ……

Will their response to Anna Klonowski’s daming report into their modus operandi be any different ?  Well the local politicians over at “Clown Hall”  are  certainly expelling enough hot air to fuel a fleet of barrage balloons …but empty vessels make the most noise…only time will tell. Tory Leader Jeff Green talks about ‘tackling council chaos’ 

Whilst Labour Leader of the council Steve ‘Foulksey’ Foulkes may have said [mirroring  the incomprehensible verbosity of self styled f**k-wit John ‘Prezza’  Prescott]  “I want to make it clear that one of the things is this, what this council has to learn, in terms of learning and lessons, is when it gets critical reports to go either into denial or say they don’t really mean it. So what I say when I say this is that I mean I have tried to stick exactly to the recommendations that were in Anna Klonowski’s report without really meaning it Which in itself is a learning exercise and a lesson learnt”

The Liberals also said something or other but nobody really noticed…..

Read More http://www.liverpooldailypost.co.uk/liverpool-news/regional-news/2011/10/14/wirral-council-s-plan-for-radical-change-92534-29593133/#ixzz1alktSPvI

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