Lessons Learnt ???? Putting The Twit Into Twitter

This is the Council that vowed the ‘Anna Klonowski report’ was a wake up call, was shocking, was a chance for Wirral Council to put things right.. Not according to Cllr Chris Blakeley, (whose party commissioned the £250,000 report) via twitter.

Update :  He’s at it again !

So he thinks Anna Klonowski is “patronising and smug” does he?

because ????…

a) she’s an intelligent and challenging woman??? b) she knows her stuff???
  *Hilariously* he’s spelt her name Klown-owski again. Now if that isn’t patronising and insulting I dont know what is.
And in two tweets he demonstrates he is part of the problem not the solution. He’s not called an elected member for nothing is he?

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