Councillor Blakeley – The Dignified Face of Wirral Politics.

Following on from Councillor Blakeley’s ill-advised, puce faced ranting about Anna Klonowski ( in which he chivalrously calls her “Klown-owski” -give me ribs of steel for I fear my sides may split with mirth!) it appears he’s not adverse to dignified online spats, calling one member of the public “Victor Meldrew,” on his blog.  After he’d calmed down had his meds like a good boy, he decided to delete these comments, but alas not before said member of the public had screen capped them.  Which we can reveal exclusively below. He’s very much a type first, think later kinda guy don’t’cha think ?Just what we need on the Wirral a cool head…..

And …………….

Oh dear, Oh dear, oh dear ! Blakeley may be on the Merseytravel committee, but really, is their any need to act like Blakey from ‘On The Buses?’

UPDATE:  Its seems Blakey has come up with an explanation for his Klown-oski tweets. He was hacked.  I do hope he reports it to Twitter, and publishes their response.  Oh look !! A Flying Pig…..

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