Golden Cone II – Wirral’s Staff Incentive Scheme.

Remember our  jawdropping “Golden Cone” story ? Wirral Borough Council’s positively Gervasian “Staff Incentive Scheme ? “  ( See HERE)  Well it seems to have piqued the interest of somebody on the excellent What Do They Know? Website

Who put in this freedom of Information request


“Dear Wirral Borough Council

Following an employee posting a picture of ‘the Golden Cone’

Could you please disclose for what targets where members of staff
granted ‘The Golden Cone’ and which members of staff were awareded
‘The Golden Cone’ for 2010 and 2011.

Could you also please detail the ceremony of which staff were
awarded ‘The Golden Cone’

Could you please detail any policy that states that such a monthly
award ceremony was a good use of tax payers money.

Yours faithfully,


The reply from Wirral ?

“Staff who were awarded the Golden Cone were presented with the Cone by either the Director (if he was available) or by the Principal Manager – Human Resources at the employees desk. There is no policy. The procedure was started by the previous Director of Adult Social Services and continued until January 2011. No awards have been presented since this date due to changes within the department.

The Golden Cone Award was for staff based at Westminster House. It guaranteed that person a parking space at Westminster House for a month. “

and here are the winners

Not one for “having a nice smile and resembling a nodding dog “  or “never questions bad practice”

We have also been given exclusive seceret footage of the “ceremony” that took place when awarding the not paticulary sought after award HERE


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