Back in The NHS(s)

It’s not just Wirral Council who are seemingly awash with  incompetent managers who resort to bullying when staff dare to question working practices. It appears  our local hospital has the same problem ……

Using the example of the trusts core values, under the somewhat patronising clumsy acronym “PROUD”

which stands for

Patients are at the heart of everything we do

Respect each other every day

Our hospitals are your hospitals

United to provide the best possible patient care

Dedicated to excellence in all we do

we would suggest  PROUD (sic) could also stand for

Patients treated as statistics not people

Reduce nursing practice to conyer belt health care ( see Kaizen principles)

Obessesed with meaningless jargon.

Undermine staff who challenge bad practice

Dismiss genuine concerns of staff as inconsequential- Adopting the F.I.O.F.O. mindset ( fit in or f**k off)


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