Wirral Council – How Not To Deal With A Sick Employee part 198

More news of Wirral Councils excellence in providing a bespoke support service to sick employees reaches us. 

We have been contacted by a number of employees who have told us that referrals they themselves had  requested to Occupational Health, after feeling unable to cope, have been deliberately delayed.

When questioned the OH professionals admitted that managers in Social Services where “under pressure not to refer to Occupational Health so as it save money.”   Furthermore,”in-Human” Resources have allegedly stated that they were doing so to “root out inappropriate referrals.”

We would ask what medical expertise such jumped up, unquestioning, blithely, acquiescent town hall clerks have when deciding what is or isn’t an “appropriate referral.”  Yet again WBC seems to have more unofficial policies (such as the 4 week delay) to save money and manipulate statistics whilst putting people’s health at risk. We have been contacted by another former employee in DASS who tells us one manager wanted all sickness records for his entire team “wiping” so everybody could start with a clean slate.  This was overruled by HR, but again shows the mindset in DASS is one of spin and deception. 

  We wonder what an industrial tribunal would make of such practices.


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