Carry On Regardless – Wirral DASS

Our sources, (lets call them HP and Heinz) have shown us the proposed restructure for Wirral’s Department Of Adult Social Services (DASS.) This must be  the fifth occasion in three years that staff have been “realigned” and we would question just how much this bureaucratic tomfoolery is costing the taxpayer.

Alas it would appear the Department, is on the whole, being managed by the same old clique and sadly it really does look like a case of simply moving the deck chairs around the Titanic. Yes the much loved Howard Cooper has left with his CBE and we have a new director, but unless there is a root and branch clear out of a department that has been shamed, of one that has been described as “toxic and dysfunctional” and a place were a culture of management bullying and intimidation pervades,then Lord and Lady Wirral Leaks fear nothing will really change. Again it seems to be merely spin bluster, piss and wind.

You can view the Draft restructure by clicking the link below

DASS Restructure


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