Meanwhile…Over At Clown Hall…

The link HERE  will take you to “Wirral Councils Super Smashing New Plan.” Well, it might as well be called that such is the euphemistic language, which we can only assume is part of the minimisation “healing” process which will enable us all to all move along the road of reconciliation together, ruefully mumbling “lessons learned.”

 The Department of spin will release nonsensical statements intended to paint a picture of an organisation undergoing radical change ie/ 

WBC is comprised of many organisational elements with a single purpose: to enable, support and expedite the mission-critical objectives of the AKA Report and we will implement it with Bible-like zeal’

Until of course, the dust has settled and it’s safe to resume “business as usual.” Because you will note there is no talk of personnel change in this document, no mention of disciplinary action and no mention of “abuse.”


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