It seems stating “sweep it under the carpet” is viewed as a “personal insult” by some at Clown Hall. Councillor Roberts has got form on this and it seems her party has learned zilch  … SEE HERE

See if you can work out Bill Normans answer with regard to a redacted copy of the Klonowski Report?

Cllr Simon Mountney obviously frustrated stated 

“Well I think by this statement that you’ve issued just now, what you’re looking to do is move on. Well I’m not ready to move on and I don’t think my colleagues are ready to move on. We need to know who is responsible for this and at this point in time we don’t! We haven’t even had a non redacted version of the report. How can you expect this Council to move on when we don’t know who was responsible for one of most serious issues to happen in this Council for many years?

It’s just beyond me how you have the audacity to issue this kind of report saying let’s move on. We don’t have the answers yet! How can we possibly move on? The report talks about people turning up with baseball bats and you want us to move on? It’s just absolutely beyond me, I don’t understand how your party and you as an individual can continue with this ridiculous issue that it’s going to go away.”


Read more HERE


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