Destination Door.

Lord and Lady Wirral Leaks last night bade a tearful farewell to Councillor Foulkes the now ex-Leader of WBC who left with the sort of dignity befitting his office. He railed against “disgraceful blogs,” and complained that “sinister forces” and “cheese faced moon men with spider legs” were all out to get him. But in his defence he made David Icke appear to be a rather well balanced individual! 

So Steve, that would be the sort of disgraceful blogs that are blocked by Wirral Council’s own IT filters, so staff can’t read them at dinner time ?(not heard of smart phones anyone ?)   Ones who have tried to highlight the reality of what goes on within Wirral Council?  Pointing out the fact that Senior Officers and Councillors have tried to cover up the abuse of vulnerable people on the Wirral for years, that Senior officers have tried to bury reports, have shredded documents and the miasma of corruption appears to be endemic in an organisation staffed by managers who bully staff to the verge of a nervous breakdown? That sort of disgraceful blog ?

Then again that depends very much on your definition of “disgraceful” , don’t you think? 🙂


For the record we have no party political alliance, red, blue or Jeff, we only seek to find out what goes on behind closed doors, what decisions are taken on our behalf with OUR money and what sort of service the public get.  Holding politicians and public service accountable is part of democracy not a sinister political agenda. Although WBC seem to wish to adopt the “Chinese model” in more ways than one if you get our drift 😉

 ”Sunlight, as the saying goes, is the best disinfectant and the sooner the light is shed on the actions of those responsible, the better!” A noble statement , and one made by Councillor Green, the new Council leader. It appears however his stated aim for a “redacted” version of the Klonowski report (ie/ an unedited version  which names those criticised)  is already being advised against by Senior Council Officers.. now there’s a surprise. If it’s not made public, serious questions need to be asked, this is about accountability, and after all we paid for it . 

And let’s not forget Councillor Green opened the door for former Cheif exec Steve Maddox to leave with a £157,000 golden handshake and former Social Services Director John Webb to toddle off with £152,000, co-incidentally just before the Klonowski report arrived.  This time there’s a chance to get rid of the dead wood, the bullies and the self serving careerists – ” no skulduggery No flim-flam No compromise No sell out No controlled show.”


We’ll be watching…………. 😉

The big question is can anybody fill Steve’s shoes ?


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