Wirral Social Services Media Statement.

The new Director Graham Hodkinson’s reaction to the “Smoking Gun” in the illegal 4 Week Delay debacle is the equivalent of sticking your fingers in your ears shouting “lalalalalalala” and then adopting the Klaus Barbie defence ” well we don’t do that NOW .”

Or possibly Graham is channeling the spirit of LP Hartley  “The past is a foreign country: they do things differently there.” No old bean, this is Wirral Council, a kind of bizarre public sector version of Royston Vasey and THEY do things very differently here.  Welcome aboard Graham, to a world were the abnormal is normal, where wrong is right and were abuse and bullying appears to be endemic.

with regard to his dismissive media statement he simply reiterates the obvious and says NOTHING because there quite clearly WAS a system in place that delayed care. Nobody has alleged that this is still in place, but questions need to be asked as to why these senior officers thought it ok to do so in the first place….


March 6, 2012


Graham Hodkinson, Wirral’s Director of Adult Social Services, said: ‘I understand that the minutes are a bullet-pointed version of a conversation that took place in 2008 and at the time, would have been supported by other documents when the department was drawing up guidance around care package timescales.

‘We have previously apologised for the unclear guidance that was issued around timescales, which was later clarified and re-issued. I have only been at Wirral a matter of months but am satisfied that our assessment times are now very good, and services are delivered in a timely way reflecting that there is no policy of delay in place.’


Nothing to see here, move along….

And Leader Jeff Green had this to say

Subject: Four week delay response

 Leader of Wirral Council, Councillor Jeff Green said:

“This is yet more evidence of a department that was in disarray and a prime example of why we are appointing an ‘independent ombudsman’ to investigate concerns raised around Council practices, particularly in the Department for Adult Social Services.

“As the new Leader of the Council and Cabinet Member for Social Care and Inclusion, I have asked the new Director to provide me with all of the documents and emails that surround this issue as a matter of urgency. I have also asked for a categorical assurance that there are no dubious or illegal processes in place leading to delays when vulnerable people are seeking care from the Council.”


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