2010 and its the same old story at Wirral Council

From The Local Government Ombudsman’s Annual Review Wirral Metropolitan Borough Council for the year ended 31 March 2010

“The most serious of these involved a failure over four years to provide proper services for the complainant’s disabled son. The Council apologised to the complainant and paid £30,000 compensation.

The second case involved a failure by the Council to follow up properly the recommendations made by a complaints review panel. This was settled by the payment of £3,500 compensation.

In another adult services case, delays in making referrals were identified. The complaint was remedied by action to ensure that the failures were not repeated in the future and the payment of £550 compensation. The other adult care services settlement involved a complaint about a failure to carry out proper
care and financial assessments of the complainant’s father, together with the delay in making the correct Direct Payments to him. The Council agreed to pay the outstanding amount of Direct Payments, together with compensation, the total amount coming to £4,429. The Council has also reviewed its policies and procedures in this area.”

Again where was the scrutiny ? Do Councillors not read these f**king reports?

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