Wirral Council On Route 666

Judging by the Globe’s recent report [HERE]Lord and Lady Wirral Leaks will be keeping their whiskey shot monocled eyes on Wirral Council’s Technical Services Department as it would appear there’s yet ANOTHER whistle-blowing case about to, erm, “blow”.


And for a change it’s NOT the Social Services Department!!! [Gasp!] Apparently the Audit Commission are due to publish a much delayed and currently embargoed report into a multi-million pound Highways contract. You may recall Frank N. Field MP had called on the Serious Fraud Office to investigate the council’s handling of this contract following allegations made to him by a group of whistle-blowers.


It’s a report so secret even the leader of the Council hasn’t had sight of it yet and those involved in writing it have had their tongues cut out.. well not quite, that’s a tad old school Masonic and of course that couldn’t possibly happen in Local Government. I mean this day and age there’s no chance of a cabal of nipple bearing freaks taking over an entire Council is there ?


Because the report is owned by the audit commission Councillor Leader Jefferson Green is not even allowed to know who has actually seen it, rumours that it is to be presented to Wirral Council using the medium of “mime” have not yet been confirmed. Watch this space.

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