Not asking for anything – just saying THANK YOU for (a) exposing the Council misdeeds (b) for doing it in such an hilarious way. You have many times brightened my day. Thank you.

Always a pleasure

More Suspensions At WBC

FULL STORY HERE Via Wirral Globe

“It follows criticism in an investigation into the authority over the award of a £40m highways and engineering services contract in 2008.

The inquiry was carried out by the Audit Commission and found the director of highways and technical services, David Green, “had probably” broken EU laws over the way the contract had been handled.

The move means FOUR of the council’s most senior officers are now suspended from work with Mr Green having been told to stay at home pending an inquiry earlier this year.

This comes on top of a myriad of Council scandals, including many in WBC’s deeply dysfunctional Department Of Social Services, of which we may have more on next week. “ 

Have a good weekend.  Lord Wirral-Leaks and I will pour a largeSchadenfreude on the rocks’ when the hour becomes decent, and sit back and enjoy the publicly funded fireworks.

No Shit Sherlock ! Council Staff Feel Bullied !

Wirral Council produces a staff magazine which is  unintentionally hilarious. Yet tragic. This patronising snippet (below) shows that apparently the ministers for propaganda at WBC are surprised that staff feel bullied ???? Durrr HELLO , earth calling WBC!!   This is despite the numerous stories in the local press and of course the AKA report.

So what does the Council do?   Well the usual of course ie/ Jack Diddley Squat(no that’s not the new Chief Execs name.) It merely states its current procedures, with a vague promise of revised procedures at some unidentified date in the future. Do staff, past and present have any faith in these procedures ?  Maybe we should ask Martin Morton ?  What would be sensible would be to set up  an investigation to look into the results of the survey, but that would mean taking real action and we can’t have that can we ? Besides the survey itself is merely another tool in the dark art of spin to evidence that everything is actually hunky dory. What they do, do  is to subtly spread any possible blame informing staff that it is everybody’s responsibility, thus making it all encompassing and not aimed just at shabby management alone.  (Odd that isn’t it because bullying usually comes from some sort of imbalance in a power dynamic)

We at WL are reliably informed that a MAJOR problem (no that’s not the new Chief Execs name either) within WBC is the bullying culture that emanates from senior managers. But of course they aren’t going to investigate themselves are they ?  That would be abnormally abnormal!

Credit Where Credits Actually Not Due !

An  itemised statement which led to the charges of misuse of corporate credit cards by a Senior Wirral Council Officer has been forwarded to Lord and Lady Wirralleaks. Oh My! It all looks a little “abnormal!” 
Among the items identified on the bill which aroused suspicions of no-one in particular until that pesky office cleaner  retrieved it from the Tray marked: ” Seriously Dodgy Shit – shred immediately”  included dozens of tins of white paint, building materials and lubricant.
Apparently when questioned by Internal Audit Manager I.C.Nuffin the Officer who had been in possession of the credit card claimed to merely be  carrying out Council instructions.
He went on to explain the tins of  paint were required for an extensive programme of whitewashing, the sand to enable Senior Officers and Councillors to bury their heads in it ,the cement to send incriminating documents placed in a trunk to the bottom of the Mersey because the shredder had spontaneously combusted and the Vaseline was for the,ahem, greasy pole…………….”   
The Senior Officer has subsequently been totally exonerated of any wrongdoing and  has been awarded a replica golden cone and a suitcase of used fivers”. 


How many more scandals must we have before council officers are sacked?

The WBC Golf Set

We wouldn’t be so bold or foolish as to suggest WBC would EVER be as unprofessional as to conduct it’s business on the golf course. In fact this photo from the Corporate Golf Wank Off in 2006 suggests that would NEVER happen, EVER.

Control yourselves, this much testosterone, dodgy knitwear, ill-advised “slacks” and coquettishly unbuttoned polo shirts could tear the very fabric of space and time asunder !

Rotten Boroughs and The Price Of Failure

The Wirral Way ……………

and yet again they make Private Eye’s Rotten Boroughs. But they know no shame, …..anyone for golf?

What exactly has the new Director of Wirral DASS DONE ?

The only tangible thing we can see that new Wirral Social Services director Graham “Tom Sawyer”  Hodkinson has achieved since his arrival is to completely whitewash the truth.   So yet another false dawn disappears as Mr H dances to the same old WBC tune. “Nothing to see here” “time to move on” which actually means no accountability for these overpaid fuckwits

Another One Bites the dust…. Wirral Council

More rats leave the sinking Wirral ship ?  How much public money will Jimbo walk away with?  Was he threatened with Serious Absence Capability (SAC) whilst off sick? Did he have weekly intimidatory visits from Von Ryan under the guise of “welfare” ? Will he EVER be held accountable ?  We doubt it, but we predict he will leave with a nice fat pension, a glowing reference and probably join Windy Miller and Maddogz in “Club Payola For Retired Chief Execs”.

So whose in line next,  Dick (n)o’Brain?