Wirral Gets Slagged

Time for the silly season – is there any other in Wirral BC ?

As regular visitors to this site will know Lord And Lady Wirral Leaks like to maintain a measure of refinement and decorum but alas the good Lady has been reading some decidedly down-market magazines lately ( Cooee!, Celeb Pix!! and Trash!!!) and she has  decided that we need to broaden our appeal. What we need says Lady WL is a salacious gossip monger.
So to this end we have invited a guest contributor to the Wirralleaks site –  Gloria Slagg is the twin sister of that renowned Private Eye columnist and social commentator Glenda Slagg.
Over to you Gloria!   

So who’s this troubleshooter Michael Frater called in by Wirral Council to sort out the unholy mess its got itself into!?.

Aren’tcha’yasickofhim shooting his mouth off and saying “weird things were going on” .

Tell us something we don’t know big boy!

Never mind troubleshootin’ how about  a-firin’ and a P-45’n?

I hear he’s got a big gun! (biggun – geddit!)  to fire people!.

If that’s the case Mickey-baby you can Frater-nise with me anytime! (geddit!)

 In other news it’s  farewell to Rick “With a Silent P and we don’t mean for pay off” O’Brien.

You were always destined for greater things and the Wirral love affair simply couldn’t last  .

I always knew you and the Department of Health (DOH!) were meant for each other.

I will miss your chiselled matinee idol face and the fact that we had fun while it lasted ( approximately 4 weeks).

Aren’tcha’sicktodeath of people who have low friends in high places ready to bail them out when accountability comes a-callin’?How low can you get? – not as low as implementing a 4 week delay in commissioning care packages that’s all I can say!

So another Wirral Council whistleblower has been identified by mistake!.

Who cares?.

Pack in the  wingein’ and a whinin’ Mr.Gary Downey .Ok the fact that confidentiality has been breached  means it’s Downey and out for you but that’s what you get for  a-tootin’ on your tin-whistle!

Dontcha just lurve  these whistleblowers?.

Gary Downey can come over and see me anytime!.

You know how to whistleblow don’tcha Big G – you just put your lips together and blow.

Fancy exposing my wrongdoings (geddit)?

HERE THEY ARE  – Gloria’s summertime sizzlers:

  • Martin Morton!?!! – crazy name! crazy guy!! (according to Wirral Council sources anyway).

  • Surjit Tour !?!!- crazy name! crazy naming names!!

  • Anna Klonowski !?!!- crazy name! crazy gal! (Can you check the spelling Cllr.Blakeley )

  • Robbie Grabarz !?!!- crazy name! crazy Olympic high jumper! – he can grab my arse anytime.


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