More shocks in store ……

We, at Leaky Towers, are all a-quiver about the promise of astonishing revelations from mysterious sources.  It is clear from these sources that there are Town Hall employees  who are STILL afraid to go through official channels…..(and looking at this week’s Page 3 of the Globe my dears who could blame them – suicide may be painless but it’s pretty drastic isn’t it Mr. Morton?).

 However, Lord and Lady WL are sitting here with our dry Amontillado breathless with anticipation, should Miss Snoop sweep majestically and stealthily like a young gazelle with the promised piece of paper, which has been referred to in a number of cryptic communiqués from a variety of sources?

Apparently whatever is on this piece of paper is occupying the minds of the great and good of Wallasey Town Hall (OK not great and most definitely not good but I think you know who  we mean)   and what’s more it explains an awful lot about Town Hall bungling over the past few years ……..

At our age, my Good Lady and I could do with an explanation because frankly we’re having difficulty following the plot of ‘Murder She Wrote’ these days, so as you can imagine the recent Town hall “machinations” leave us bewitched, bothered and bewildered.

Watch this space, the press and all your favourite news sources.


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