Another Crumby Idea From Wirral BC Is Toast

“Bring A Butty ??? “
Lord & Lady Wirralleaks have learned about the sad cancellation of  today’s Department of Adult Social Services ” Bring a Butty” session. Although we have to say we had to rely on Eldritch our common or garden (but mainly common) gardener to explain just what the John H. Webb a “butty” was. Apparently they are somewhat akin to the cucumber fresh salmon and dill sandwiches we have for afternoon tea.
Anyway  it would appear that “Bring a Butty”  is the latest wheeze to get staff interested in the day to day chaos that is Wirral’s Department Of Adult Social Services and thought up by someone described by staff as a “professional scouser” (which would explain the rather ,erm,”chummy” tone) ,
A ” Bring a Butty” session all sounds rather jolly doesn’t it? ,except that it would appear, according to Eldritch, “nobody could be arsed turning up” to listen to someone from Merseyside Disability Federation talk about “Making it Real” – presumably this was a talk about how disabled people live in the real world and not the parallel universe which DASS seem to think they inhabit – were rights,equality and fair access are alien concepts. 
Anyway all this talk of “butties” has made us hungry – I’m reaching for my bell pull to ask our cook, Nigella Knowall ,to prepare something I can get my teeth into.
Meanwhile as a matter of interest I asked Eldritch what sort of fillings DASS staff might bring to a “Bring A Butty” bash. 
“Bullshit…….they’re used to being fed that ” he replied.
Next month will see WBC start their, Bring A deckchair and wear Bermuda Shorts initiative in a specially commissioned beach themed meeting room in an attempt to spice things up a tad
It did sound rather implausible but our unflappable PA Verity Snoop had soon found the proof in this email trail which like most things in life, is best viewed from the bottom up, so to speak ?  It should be noted that further research from Miss Snoop has discovered that the real reason for the cancellation was that the gaffe-prone Communication & Engagement Department had caused confusion by suggesting the following tagline:
” Bring a Butty – Get your Baps Out”






From: Peel, Nicola
Sent: 13 September 2012 11:11
To: DASS SLT; DASS-Principal-Managers; DASS Service Managers; DASS Team Managers
Cc: Subject: FW: ‘Bring a Butty’

Please ensure this message is cascaded to all DASS staff…… The ‘Bring a Butty’ session advertised below has been cancelled due to poor take up

Thank you

From: Peel, Nicola
Sent: 05 September 2012 13:39
To: DASS SLT; DASS-Principal-Managers; DASS Service Managers; DASS Team Managers
CcSubject: ‘Bring a Butty’

Please ensure this message is cascaded to all DASS staff……

Sent on behalf of Chris Beyga, Head of Personal Support: –

We hear it all the time..….’I never get told anything’.

So here in DASS we’re giving you the opportunity to find out more. We’re holding some lunchtime ‘Bring a Butty’ sessions for you to hear about some of the important work that is going on across Wirral.  It could be something that you think doesn’t directly affect you but the knowledge could improve how you work or it could provide an opportunity for joint working, with benefits for all.

These ‘Bring a Butty’ sessions will be held on the second Friday of every month with a different topic or guest speaker at each session. If you have an interesting piece of work to talk about, please liaise with Nicki Hancocks who can organise a suitable spot for you on the agenda.

The next session is planned for 12.30-1.30pm on Friday 14 September at Birkenhead Town Hall, to meet with Chris Wardle from Merseyside Disability Federation

MDF provides support for voluntary and community groups in Merseyside and the surrounding areas that are of and for disabled people. They are an umbrella group – their main aim is to build the capacity of other voluntary groups.  They help you so that you can be more effective in your work of breaking down the barriers faced by disabled people. They are currently doing a piece of work in Wirral around ‘Making It Real’.

Anyone who wants to come along is more than welcome – it is your chance to ask any questions.

Again, please contact Nicki Hancocks

Chris Beyga


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Who shall now forever be known as Chris Bagel.

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