Having A Ball – The Mayors In Fact

Afternoon Leakers

Verity has been very busy preparing for the Lord Mayors ball, but alas, she seems to be fresh out of Ugg Boots.  But fear not she will be there with her little recording device to capture just how the great and the good in WBC wine and dine themselves …lovely! And the funny thing is these people don’t even know what she looks like! Chortle ! It looks a lovely spread, why they even cater for allergies…which is handy because some of Wirral’s great and good do seem somewhat allergic to the truth. The only worry is Verity’s own allergy may give her away, you see she’s allergic to BULLSHIT.

She’s even been sent the table plan (see below) all the big boys and plate spinners on one table, and oh look even a few local journalists…Verity may feel more at home with them perhaps ? It all looks like wonderfully self congratulatory fun, but we do wonder whose paying for this she-bang ! … to which dear Eldritch our gardener and handy man retorted “us probably, the tw*ts!” Hope it’s Bolly then.

Love, Lady Leaks x

Table 1 – Civic Table (16)

Mayor and Mayoress of Wirral

High Sheriff of Merseyside and Mrs Amlot

Mayor and Mayoress of Knowsley

Sheriff of Chester and Sheriff’s Lady

Mayor and Mayoress of West Lancs

Mayor and Mayoress of Halton

Deputy Mayor and Deputy Mayoress

Reverend and Mrs D Chester

Table 2 (9)

Mr & Mrs G Burgess

Mr & Mrs G Hodkinson

Ms Julia Hassall

Mr David Armstrong

Ms Fiona Johnstone

Mr Kevin Adderley

Mrs Emma Degg

Table 3 (11)

Deb Pedlow

Nick Pedlow

Karen McCormick

Joelle Warren

Andrew Warren (no cream)

Mark Ellis

Tope Coward

Jacqui Wenden

Greg Wenden

Natasha Inglis

Fraser Inglis

Table 4 (10)

Carolyn Tallents (gluten free meal)

Andrew Tallents

Karen Griffiths

Sally Robinson (nut allergy)

Lisa Newton (veggie)

Mike Newton

Claire Fletcher

Mark Shepard

Karole Dunmore (veggie and brazil nut allergy)

Steve Mitchell

Table 5 (10)

Cllr John Hale

Mrs Tricia Hale

Mr Nigel Wills

Mrs Sue Wills

Dr Kenneth Young

Mrs Lesley Young

Mr Geoffrey O’Connell

Mrs Maureen O’Connell

Mr Roy Catherall

Mrs Hilary Catherall

Table 6 (7)

Mr John Bebell

Mrs Sue Bebell

Mr David Hind

Mrs Sandra Hind

Mr Clive Watkin

Mrs Monica Watkin

Mrs Vivienne Reece

Table 7 (10)

Cllr Jeff Green

Mrs Carol Green

Mr Alan Kerr

Mrs Catherine Kerr

Mrs Yvonne Sanne

Mr Michael Spencer

Mrs Keri Spencer

Mr Noel Fagan

Mrs Chrissy Fagan

Miss Esther McVey MP

Table 8 (8)

Cllr David Elderton

Mrs Barbara Elderton

Mr Rod Trotman

Mrs Eunice Trotman

Mr Geoff Cross

Mrs Marion Cross

Mr Gerry Johnson

Mrs Christine Johnson

Table 9 (10)

Cllr Geoffrey Watt

Mrs Anne Watt

Mr Bill Withey

Mrs Denise Osborne

Cllr Don McCubbin

Mrs Pat Johnson

Cllr Eddie Boult

Mrs Brenda Boult

Mr Mike Clements

Cllr Wendy Clements

Table 10 (10)

Major David Hudson

Table 11 (11)

Councillor & Mrs Phil Davies

Councillor Brian Kenny

Councillor Moira McLaughlin

Councillor Chris Meaden

Councillor Anita Leech and Mr Gary Leech

Mr & Mrs Tony Norbury

Joe and Maureen Copeland

Table 12 (10)

Gordon and Sue Nicholas

Peter and Jackie Brown

Jerry and Sandra Ireland

Richard and Jeanine Lesley

Giuseppe and Debbie Roberto

Table 13 (9)

Linda Smallthwaite
Jo Hales
Val Boyd
Rachel Jones
Carys Hooker
Geraldine Marchment
Nicola Mullin
Cath Naylor
Sue May – 1 person no seafood, banana, kiwi or melon and 1 person no citrus or cheese)

Table 14 (10)


Table 15 (9)

Mary Dutton (9) (2 veggie and 1 celiac)

Table 16 (10)

Wirral & West Cheshire Prostate Cancer Support Group

Table 17 (5)

Wirral and West Cheshire Prostate Cancer Support Group

Table 18 (10)

Councillor Peter Kearney (5)

Councillor Cherry Povall (1)

Mr & Mrs J Clarke (2)

Mr Paul Murphy (2)

Table 19 (14)

Thornton Hall (1 veggie and one no mushrooms)

Justin Dunn

Carole Jackson

Sue Carroll

Barb Marg McGee

Babara Turner


6 drivers





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