All In It Together …

As part of his commitment to cleaning up Wirral after a series of damning reports new Wirral Council CEO poacher turned gamekeeper Goofy “Kubla Khan”  Burgess has been true to his word and has purchased a dishwasher for the palatial new Chief Executive Suite.  (Leaker’s also mention a newly installed en suite bathroom)

 It has also been reported that customers queuing at the  Wallasey Town Hall One -Stop Shop were today astonished to see a Jenkinsons delivery van drop off a selection of expensive looking turquoise and green leather settees allegedly bound for Goofy’s stately pleasure dome.

Ironically, this incongruous scene was played out against a backdrop of spineless Unison reps who were also gathered outside Clown Hall to discuss forthcoming cuts to Council services.  Or in other words sneaking a quick fag and swapping hints about exactly which shade of  “Just For Men” suited their skin tone before getting back to the tiresome business of  selling their members (oo-er!!)  down the River Mersey.

 As Lady W said, “Really, don’t these people ever learn – blue and green should NEVER be seen without a colour in-between…”   

 Her Ladyship was reassured by Eldritch’s observation “ Don’t worry m’am – those settees will be soon be complemented…………. with huge swathes of f**king bullshit ………….”

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