Keep Your Hat on

*incoming message* Please find advice to “Leaders” within Wirral Council when discussing redundancies. *stop* ….

Key Messages for Leaders

  1. This is hard
  2. Talk more
  3. Cascade through conversation
  4. Don’t answer what you can’t – escalate to FAQ’s
  5. Read Intranet
  6. No decisions made as yet
  7. Leadership – Visibility – Communication – Consistency – Ownership
  8. Print articles for staff without Intranet access
  9. Cascade One Brief on Friday 9 November 2012

See it in all its glory HERE


 Not that they would try and feign empathy you understand but Ricky Gervais would have an absolute field day if ever he decided to revive “The Office” format and based it on a local authority.



Now, how about this for rank hypocrisy from new Wirral CX Frank Drebin look a like, Graham Goofy Burgess – In a lovely soft focus interview in the Daily Post in May 2007 our hero GB tells us about his time in Liverpool as a union rep and how he fought those nasty Militants and banished them forever. Something he’s dined out on ever since…  

“……. the Militants’ solution to creating a legal budget – issuing 90-day redundancy notices to all 30,000 staff – immediately put the political leadership on collision course with unions.

Graham says: “They would say to us, ‘It’s just a piece of paper, of course we’ll re-employ everybody’ but from a union point of view, we couldn’t accept that because there was no guarantee.

“Liverpool at this time was, in many ways, in a desperate state. Hundreds of jobs were being lost at the big employers every week. The council was the employer of last resort, so we couldn’t let that happen.”

Fast forward to today and the latest leak … (click)  – Poacher turned gamekeeper

Taxi anybody ???

But GB is used to this for where GB lands redundancies seem to follow …see HERE

Love, Verity Snoop x


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