Wirral Tapped Up ?


Morning Leakers,

Nothing quite beats the smell of Napalm in the morning when driving past Clown Hall (aka The Pleasure-dome) at  Brighton Street eh ?  We sense there is revolution in the air, which Eldritch brusquely suggests  “will probably last about as f**king long as it’ll take Burgess to bathe, slap some Denim aftershave on and tell the Union Reps that their jobs are safe if they play nice.” Ever the conspiracy theorist Eldritch deduces in his finite wisdom that Comrade Joseph,Geoffrey,Rod, Jane (it’s not Just For Men), Freddy, Zippy and of course Bungle (comrades we are ALL Bungle!) will then announce they have  won concessions from the Chief Exec, and that it’s a clear victory for the people of Wirral and the stitch up will be complete .

I don’t think they’d be as silly to fall for that one old bean I replied. Eldricth winked and then channelling the spirit of Edward Lear rambled “Never underestimate “players, “even if they are just parochial Town Hall players, because in their own sad little minds they are all Gordon Gecko and such delusions of grandeur can be a dangerous thing.”  I must check if the dear chap hasn’t been snaffling the cognac again!

Anyhooooooo,  I’ll be off …. oh wait , Verity has passed me a note with red marker all over the darn thing. What can it mean ? It reads thus

“My Lord , This is the hospitality list of Cllr Jeff Green.

 The entries highlighted show two occasions last year when Cllr Green was the guest of one Graham Burgess at the very time Mr. Burgess was chief exec at Blackburn council.

 Surely, he should have mentioned this when he took part in the appointments panel, which gave his apparent football fan friend and fellow long suffering Evertonian the job at Wirral?  Or was the appointment agreed before and this was a lovely thank you ? Either way it proves they are indeed “all in it together” The most “difficult choices” the Local Government elite seem to have to make is “Krug Grand Cuvée Or Bolly dahling? ” when they are in the Executive bar

·        03/09/2011 – Match ticket and hospitality at Tranmere Rovers v Yeovil Town.; Accepted

·        27/08/2011 – Match ticket and hospitality at Blackburn v Everton, Ewood Park, Guest of Graham Burgess, Blackburn with Darwen Council and NHS Teaching Care Trust Plus; Accepted

·        20/08/2011 – Attendance at Blackburn v Everton Match: Ticket, meal and drink included offered by Blackburn & Darwin Council; Accepted

·        07/07/2011 – Lunch as a guest of Zurich Municipal; Accepted ; Value £30

·        06/07/2011 – Lunch as a guest of Tradition; Accepted ; Value £30

·        06/07/2011 – Dinner as a guest of UBS; Accepted ; Value £50

·        05/07/2011 – Dinner as a guest of Marsh; Accepted ; Value £50

·        29/06/2011 – Dinner as a guest of Price Waterhouse Cooper; Accepted ; Value £50

·        28/06/2011 – Dinner as a guest of UBS; Accepted ; Value £50

·        26/05/2011 – Mersey Partnership Tourism Awards Dinner offered by Mersey Partnership; Value unknown. Accepted

·        18/03/2011 – Guest at Annual Conference Dinner at Liverpool Echo Convention Centre offered by Federation of Small Businesses; Accepted ; Value £75

·        08/01/2011 – Match Ticket for Tranmere Rovers v Walsall and dinner offered by Playing for Success, match sponsor; Accepted ; Value £40

·        18/11/2010 – Attendance at the Liverpool Business Awards as a guest of Mr Paul Flanagan offered by The Flanagan Group; Accepted

·        08/11/2010 – Dinner offered by University of Chester (Colin Hankinson); Accepted ; Value £50

Answers on a postcard to “What Really Matters”


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