This week Wirral CX Graham Burgess sent a missive (SEE HERE )  to staff to correct a scurrilous rumour without any foundation, [designed to distract from the real issues WBC is facing – apparently 😦 ] that a shower had been, or was planned to be installed in his Penthouse, sorry we mean in his humble public servants office… He said

“Contrary to strong rumour – no shower has been installed. or will be, in my office or anywhere else in the Town Hall.”

This is entirely true , however what he didn’t say was that there was an initial “PLAN” submitted which stated “Supply and fit new shower tray and cubicle to include all pipework and extraction unit

The FLOOR PLAN- LBC/12/01343  (CLICK HERE) – (bottom right-Zoom in) was apparently  amended overnight, and the attached plan above which to reiterate, clearly states “Supply and fit new shower tray and cubicle to include all pipework and extraction unit”……   HAS NOW BEEN REMOVED !!!  We have no idea why ? Maybe it was too um, LEAKY ? 

(Where is “Employee T” with his trusty shredder when you need him ?)

Note that the plan is for the 3rd floor, the floor above the Chief Exec suite, but was part of the PLAN for the alterations to the Chief Exec / strategic Directors alterations, which are rumoured to have cost around 25 to 30 k and justified in a time of austerity by GB because “the Town Hall is an important meeting place for visitors and potential investors in Wirral”

Word is there may well already be a defunct shower tray in situ from decades ago, but clearly there was an intention to fit a new shower and cubicle etc in the town hall. 

Maybe not a huge deal in the general scheme of things, but it again demonstrates a particular mindset that is all too prevalent in those  who hold “high office.”  All we can say at Leaky Towers is what a bloomin’ shower !


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