Night of the long knives

Oh dear

Night of the Long Knives

But not everybody is unhappy


Subject: Senior Management Restructure

Dear All,

 As you are aware, the Chief Executive has committed to reduce the senior management of the organisation by a third and met with Directors and Heads of Service at 16:30 yesterday afternoon to present his proposed structure to achieve this. Prior to it taking place I was asked to meet with him and informed that the Head of IT Services post was being deleted from the structure and that I would be made redundant. Therefore I will probably be leaving the organisation during March of next year. Like most of you I have been thinking about this for some time and am not too unhappy with the outcome.

 I thought it important that you heard this from me rather than via an indirect route or through rumour.

 This gives me about five months to get IT Services in the best shape I can for whatever lies in the future and I hope we can work together to achieve this.



Which gives him five months to order the 66 vitally important iPads for elected members, without which they cannot do their jobs, apparently.

As reported HERE

3 thoughts on “Night of the long knives

  1. I don’t feel that the last comment was needed, the person who has wrote this notification to council workers has got nothing to do with the Ipads for the elected members therefore I suggest you keep your narrow minded comments to yourself!

    • I would suggest that Wirral Leaks is satirising the situation. Vis-à-vis that they get rid of the head of IT whilst in an age of austerity are supplying Councillors with I-pads. I certainly don’t think they are blaming the author of this letter. It is merely juxtaposition dear

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