More Embarrassment For WBC

Can he Fix It ?

Oh dear oh dear oh dear ! It’s just one PR Omnishambles after another over at Clown Hall

“A CONTROVERSIAL £25,000 office refurbishment for Wirral council’s chief officers broke planning laws, it has been revealed. The upgrading of offices for the chief executive Graham Burgess’s and his top team of new “super directors” caused outrage when it was revealed.

Now the council has admitted that “due to an administrative error” it failed to obtain listed building consent before the work was carried out to the Grade II listed Wallasey town hall.”

Read more: Liverpool Echo


2 thoughts on “More Embarrassment For WBC

  1. Here’s another Council ‘error’ that’s just been revealed. Somebody tried to use Equality Legislation to have the identities of councillors permanently protected and concealed within the Klonowski and Smith reports.

    Everyone knows that Equality Legislation doesn’t apply to councillors – but to minory ‘protected’ groups who can be impacted unfairly by savings or cuts that the council makes. More here:

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