Whistle Down The Wirral *Update*

WL_Xmas Carol

Timing is everything


24 December 2012

Statement re: David Green

At 4pm today (24 December 2012), Graham Burgess, Wirral Council Chief Executive, issued the following press statement:

“At around 2.00pm today, Christmas Eve, I had delivered to David Green, the preliminary investigation into the Audit Commission’s report on the Colas Contract on Wirral Highways.

“On the advice of the Investigator, Richard Penn, to the-then Acting Chief Executive, Ian Coleman, David Green was suspended.  “Mr Penn finds no case to answer and I have therefore told David Green to return to work on the week beginning 7 January 2013.

“Under the Council’s policy of transparency I would have wished to have published the report today.  That is physically impossible with staff already having left for the Christmas break.  I shall issue the report to the public on the first day the Council returns to work – namely 27 December 2012 – and it will be published on the Council’s Website.”



And the REPORT

And a reminder as to who Richard Penn is

3 thoughts on “Whistle Down The Wirral *Update*

  1. And the most hilarious comment yet on the Wirral Globe “Dave Green considered that it was absolutely unreasonable for the council to allow such inaccurate reporting to continue and demonstrated a poor ‘duty of care’ to him as one of its employees. “

  2. I see within his report Richard Penn is giving full licence to wild conjecture and guesswork from Dave Green’s close colleagues – sans evidence, whilst ignoring anything the group of whistleblowers have to offer.

    I don’t think I’ve ever seen such a sloppy, one-sided piece of work.

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