A Safe Pair of Hands: Touched By the Hand of Graham


Salutations Leakers, Lady Justine here.

Shush! – I’m taking advantage of the fact that Lord Julian and Eldritch are supposed to be clearing the driveway to Leaky Towers and are well and truly out of the way (although peering from the safety of my ivory tower I can see they haven’t got past the thrill of building a scale model of Wallasey Town Hall out of snow – which appropriately enough seems to be in meltdown…………….).

Now normally I keep myself away from scandal (other than reading magazines such as “Goss!” “Chit-Chat!!” & “Get a Life!!!!”) but from time to time I find myself peeking over my Sudoku at the discussion that ensues when Verity recounts the latest goings on at Wirral Council and I must say the latest revelation takes the biscuit (Hobnobs obviously).

It would appear that on 24th January it is proposed that the seemingly messianic Graham Burgess ,after a mere 4 months in post, is to be offered the poisoned chalice that is the Chief Executive of Wirral Council position on a permanent basis – after “retiring” from Blackburn with Darwen Council and coming to rescue Wirral from the clutches of Local Government Commissioners.

“Leader” of the Council Pip Davies follows in the less-than-illustrious clodhopping footsteps of his predecessor Steve Foulkes and insults our intelligence by claiming Mr Burgess had done “an excellent job” so far and added:

“What I’m keen to do is get rid of any uncertainty about whether he will be here for the long haul. “I think it’s a move which will hopefully send out a clear message to our staff and the public that we have got someone doing a good job who is prepared to commit himself long term to Wirral – this is not just a guy going to come in, make a load of cuts, and then go away.”

Read more: Liverpool Echo http://www.liverpoolecho.co.uk/liverpool-news/local-news/2013/01/18/chief-executive-graham-burgess-in-wirral-for-the-long-haul-as-pauline-daniels-misses-out-100252-32626560/#ixzz2IRG3Qg2L

How are we defining “good job” Pip ?.We’d love to know…..

The “Penn Put Up Job” perhaps?- the get out, that may I conjecture, might enable the Council to pay off those with “No Case to Answer” without adverse criticism by Wirral Council Taxpayers or censure by central Government?.

( Note to self: ask Verity to find out whether Mr.Green has returned to work yet).

We also note with a mixture of shock and awe that Wirral Lib Dem Councillor Stuart Kelly seems to have his finger on the pulse with a couple of incisive tweets stating:

Chief exec’ contract was based on ‘sorting Wirral out’ in the 2 years, then appointing if successful – so far little has been ‘sorted out’ ….”

“Can’t think of anything more insensitive than giving permanent contract to Wirral chief exec’ at this time when other jobs are under threat …”

Meanwhile we all seem to be forgetting how Team GB actually got here (and it is Team GB – as anyone who as observed or experienced the influx and/or influence of his trusted acolytes will testify).

They’re here because of a series of so called “damning reports” – the most shocking of which – The Independent Review which cost £250K and was published to an appalled public and lead story on BBC Look Northwest this time last year North West Tonight – Wirral Council – Department of Adult Social Services overcharging

– and yet none of these reports appear to have made the slightest bit of difference as the Council reels from fiasco to cover up to denial to spin to same old same old.

Culture of Fear ?- In excelsis! – speak up and you’re out.We hear the bullies and the sycophants are the ones sitting in judgement of who stays and who goes. Lessons have been learned? – absolutely!.Out go the malcontents,the non-team players,that one who looks a bit funny, all the ones they wanted rid of but didn’t know how to or the Unions wouldn’t let them.

Redundancy as a means to an end.

Inward-Looking? – OK then lets set our sights across the Mersey and get the Scouse Contingent in – it comes to something when Liverpool City Council is seen as a model of good Corporate Governance (as can be evidenced by the presence of Wirral Council Officers who were once Liverpool City Council Officers being witnessed in Liverpool City Council offices on a regular basis).

Bureaucratic Machinations ?- The areas of the Council found to be particularly at fault in the Independent Review/Corporate Governance Reports ( DASS,Internal Audit,Legal ,HR) are rewarded with more staff and/or pay rises. Although we need to refute rumours that handsomely remunerated legal eagle Steve Gerrard is a moonlighting Midfield General.

Is it me?, or does there seem  to be a seemingly endless merry go round of Local Government Gurus who have “retired” or been made “redundant” and received a nice payout elsewhere and now find themselves earning pin money dancing to Wirral Council’s discordant tune on a temporary contract (for now anyway). Behold the glorious new order – all hail the bureaucratic mercenaries!.

Abnormal is Normal ?- “So if I have to manage the carnage I get a pay rise does that mean I have to write a report about a Chief Exec being made permanent after 4 months? ………………….”

Abnormality doesn’t come close.It seems to be in the very foundations of Wallasey Town Hall.

As our Librarian Miss Philippa Larkin-About said: “….. greeds and garbage are too thick-strewn to be swept up now….”

Talking of sweeping up Lord Julian has just trudged sludge in my grand entrance. Anybody know any good cleaners? – all our domestics have scurried off to Wallasey Town Hall after hearing they needed experienced people to sweep things under the carpet………


4 thoughts on “A Safe Pair of Hands: Touched By the Hand of Graham

  1. Interesting, isn’t it, the number of large cheques doled out to officers who had no case whatsoever to answer, but coincidentally left the council after one or other of those “damning reports” you refer to?

    Still, nice to see absolutely nothing has changed in Brighton Street, apart from GB’s wallpaper.

    At this rate, the glorious leader has got be to be a shoe-in for the next Deputy Lord Lieutenant of Merseyside.

    Too soon?

  2. Sterling work Lady Justine! Have you asked Verity to place a phone call re: the long-awaited return of Penn friend? There’s an awkward and rather unseemly silence building by the day…. I’m sure the mass multitude of maltreated muzzled mechanoids must by now be falling over each other to urgently spill the beans and to spirit a message out to the real world beyond………

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