Hello there,  Verity here – whilst doing my usual research for the Lord and Lady I came across a Freedom of Information request concerned with wining and dining expenses incurred by Wirral Council which were primarily centred on Hoylake.  This has since been reported locally: HERE

Certainly new CEO Graham Burgess was not averse in his previous position of  entertaining  North West grandees at The Clog & Billycock and Blackburn Rovers football ground (as previously reported HERE )  It strikes us that in some quarters such hospitality may be deemed necessary  to “oil the wheels ” so  to speak – but at a time of austerity,cuts and redundancies and at a time when Council staff are asked  to “bring a butty (containing Bully Beef no doubt)  “, b(u)y a Bagel to meetings and training events it seems a bit ,well, unseemly to say the least.

Even more strikingly does the Mayor of Wirral and the Leader of the Council not see the irony of “celebrating” the need for foodbanks whilst eating poached salmon at the Council’s expense? I would be interested to know if any Leakers have any information on any other watering holes or eateries favoured by the Wirral Council elite.

We’d like to think that those heady days of get-togethers in The Grosvenor Hotel,Chester and overnight stays in the Cheshire countryside and trips to Hebden Bridge are a thing of the past. One Leaker has already contacted us to tell us about an historical beano in Venezia (the Italian restaurant not the city – although nothing would surprise us)………..

As our cook is wont to say with a nod and a wink – BUON APPETITO!


  1. why the Top team do not use Best Bites at the Housing 21 venues of Willowbank off Gorsey Lane, Wallasey or Mendell Court, Bromborough.
    Or failing that there outside catering be spoke buffets, designed to the customers requirements.
    Is it not posh enough, to meet their requirements?
    These are social enterprise projects established by Adult Social Services

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