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15 03 13 - view out across the broad vista of Wirral Councils impartiality
The view out across the broad vista of Wirral Council’s impartiality

UPDATE March 2013

I spoke to investigator Rob Vickers today re: the FoI request below, which was made a while back.  I’d left a message last week and he was good enough to return my call today.

We discussed the following topics:

  • His new contract at the council
  • The independence of his investigation into the council’s four week delay in care
  • A distinct lack of accountability to the local public

I thanked him for returning my call.  He told me that he used to work at St Helens Council, and after ‘retiring’, was out of work for six months.  He then started up his own company, “ROBERT VICKERS SOCIAL CARE CONSULTANCY LIMITED“.  I wasted no time in conveying my concern that his company had presided over a disgusting whitewash, the effect of which had been to…

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