Wirralleaks Bulletin Board


Greetings leakers, Verity  Snoop here ,and very “interesting times” it is indeed at Leaky Towers!.

I’ve been filtering through correspondence from lot of disaffected Wirral Council staff and in order to provide the Lord and Lady with cutting edge source material I would like to request further information on the following “cries and whispers”:

a)  Reports of a temporary member of Wirral Council’s Legal Department being escorted from the building after getting “tired and emotional” at his leaving do and telling his former colleagues a few “home truths”.

b) Reports of a  “tired and emotional” Councillor using that immortal phrase : ” Do you know who I am” ? at a Tranmere Rovers do.

c) Reports of  the Council’s Legal Department breaching Data Protection law.

Toodle pip,Verity.



2 thoughts on “Wirralleaks Bulletin Board

  1. This must be an utter hell-hole for any mature, well-balanced, honest, dignified person to work at now, drunk or otherwise.

    The most astute and far-sighted thing I ever did was to resign from this dump back in 2003.

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