Forever Delayed

Q: When is a delay not a delay?  A:When we say!!
Well you can’t say we didn’t warn you we’d be hearing more about Rob Vickers in our  ” End of Days ,4-Week Delays and  Doing What Pays” EXCLUSIVE from February 26th! (HERE)
And so we offer you yet another exclusive on the scandal that just won’t go away (as much as many at Wirral Council would like it to) .We have discovered what seems to be a first draft of a statement about the 4 -week delay given to the Wirral Globe by DASS Director Graham Hobgoblinson which Eldritch discovered crumpled up in a bin behind the back of Wallasey Town Hall.
Verity and Phillippa rushed to the library with the document,smoothed it out and behind the large letters  ” NO! NO! NO!” angrily scrawled in red permanent marker pen they deciphered that the original statement to the press by an unknown author is very different to the version which rather insultingly somehow manages not to refer to a 4-week delay but manages to displace responsibility onto the misunderstanding of a bereaved carer. 
The Statement reads:   
“First of all we would like to confirm  that was a policy of 4-week delay in care packages and the intention was to save money.
This was illegal ,unethical and immoral.
We are very sorry that as a Social Services Department we seemed to have lost sight of our purpose and that the vulnerable people who rely on us to do our best and indeed pay our wages have been ill-served.
We would like at this stage say that this unfortunate state of affairs is now a thing of the past and the responsibility probably lies with one of those ne’er do wells who we paid hundreds of thousands of £££££££’s to scarper before the proverbial hit the fan.
Which is kind of ironic when you think about it as trying to save money has cost us oodles and oodles and tarnished even further what was already a tawdry reputation.Oops! what a bunch of idiots we  have been!!.No wonder the person who wrote that email published on Wirralleaks  but who seemingly failed to mention their concerns to Mr.Vickers wants to get out the “fucking shithole”!.
Finally our friend  “Rob” who has a very long and very important job title  has provided further clarification on the 4 week delay which I think puts the matter to bed once and for all:
” The so called 4 week delay shows that such thresholds are nonparametrically identified from standard referral data if unobserved officers heterogeneity affecting referral decisions is median-independent of applicant co-variates and the density of past admits conditional expected performance of brokerage is co-terminus” 
Oh and Here’s a wonderful example of WBC’s new spirit of “transparency”

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