Now although we’ve followed the Wirral Biz story for some time we at Leaky Towers have been reluctant to do a piece because frankly we don’t understand what the blithering hell is going on.Top tooter Nigel Hobro (along with his whistleblower in arms James Griffiths) have been commenting for some time in local press that something was amiss in grant funding administered by Wirral Council.

There appears to have been the usual merry go round of internal audit failing to do their job properly ,the whistleblowers getting rather miffed and Wirral Council then having to commission an external report ( costing £39K) and hey whad’ya know! – the matter has now been referred to the police.
Council Leader Pip does his usual trick of first absolving Councillors or Council Officers of any blame ( whilst according to Mr.Hobro failing to mention they actually haven’t been investigated).Magnanimously Mr.Hobro suggests this oversight was because “the Press officers do not necessarily understand the issues at stake”.Au contraire mon cher, the Press Office absolutely and totally understand “the issues at stake”.
Or specifically the main issue – Reputation Management.
Verity also has brought to my attention that the auditors responsible for this report are Grant Thornton ,who have been appointed Wirral Council’s auditors.She then pointed her immaculately manicured crimson talons at an article on page 29 of Private Eye which states that: ” Grant Thornton ,is doing it’s own nice line in cover-ups”.
The Private Eye story is concerned story an investigation into highly questionable billing in the NHS and a subsequent report produced by the auditors . The Eye obtained a copy of the report under Freedom of Information laws and describes the report as a “classic beancounters fudge…… ignoring the main over-billing allegation and using what even it admitted was a “non-statistical sample” ,it managed – surprise,surprise – to find nothing wrong”.
Now were not suggesting the same thing has gone on in this particular case but be warned Justine has raised her beady eyes above her pince-nez and .THE GOOD LADY IS WATCHING YOU!
Meanwhile DCI Springfield from Merseyside Police has issued the following statement:”It may be false,it may be true but nothing has been proved”

2 thoughts on “FUNNY BIZ-NESS ?

  1. Grant Thornton are doing alright out of Wirral, they are Wirral Partnership Homes auditors as well, surprise,suprise. the fact something shady is going on at WBC should not be a surprise to anybody

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