Room At The Top


Dear Verity was flicking through the archive when she came across this corker from the Wirral News from June 2012 (or BC Burgess)

My goodness it appears to us that Councillor and occasional MC Pippy D was entirely correct!. The “top executive” bit we mean!.
And my how we laughed at the suggestion that successful applicant of Chief Executive would need to work with Councillors ” to ensure effective governance of the council,high critical standards, probity and integrity of decisions made”.

Eldritch particularly sniggered at the word “probity” – but then he would!.
So Pip didn’t think Wirral would get a top notch/top flight person, does this mean time he’s simply making do with He Be GB?.
Meanwhile He Be GB having secured a permanent contract in quick-fire time (funny how the Council can get it’s A into G when they want to isn’t it?) now appears to us to have “gone to earth” as my fox-hunting friends would say and is holed up in his palatial office demanding that the underlings wash up the coffee cups after he’s had top notch meetings with top flight people ( by which of course we mean highly paid external consultants)
We can remember a time when you couldn’t walk into a supermarket ,a bingo hall or a crack den without his gurning steel-grey fretted visage thrusting a questionnaire into our hands and asking us “What Really Matters” whilst tilting his head slightly and giving us that serious, caring face.The one that says ” I’m trying to look interested but f**k me I could murder a bacon butty right now” . Could it actually be that “What Really Mattered” to He Be GB was that permanent contract.

1 thought on “Room At The Top

  1. Someone once said ‘they would not let us vote if it meant it would have some influence on events’ I would also like to add consulations

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