Happy Easter – The Yolks On Us


Now although this site has been described as “disgusting” and ” insulting and utterly poisonous” Wirral Leaks does try to at least maintain some standards – unlike some organisations such as that there Council who having given up even attempting to maintain any standards and are looking to ditch their own “ineffective” Standards Committee – see here

Wirral Councillors seem to be saying – “let’s just give up the pretence we try and maintain any kind of selflessness,integrity,objectivity,accountability,openness,honesty respect for others or leadership – just give us the gifts and the perks and allowances”.

Meanwhile the Leaky Towers coterie does try to exhibit a semblance of integrity and that is why, although we have been leaked confidential documents relating to a potential Judicial Review involving Wirral Home Owners Association and Wirral Council, we will not be publishing or commenting on them because we do not believe in interfering with due legal process and frankly the allegations of Mal-Practice (which we agree is rather an odd spelling ) in relation to a consultation by a public body strike us as frankly tedious and slightly tawdry ( as ever the issue is about filthy lucre).What we will say though is that Jasper Bartlett is a simply spiffing name. LOLZ !

What interests us more are the side issues – how consultations are generally undertaken by Wirral Council and how the Council’s Adult Social Services and Legal Departments are embroiled in a seemingly endless merry go round of controversy.

Indeed from what we hear that these days the Legal Department in particular seem to be specialising in hissyfits,walkouts and spectacular rudeness. Bring back Bill Norman – all is forgiven.

As for DASS – well what can we say?.After the lamentable Miller/Webb/Cooper era we were prepared to give the latest DASS Director Hodgkinson a chance,especially considering he inherited a big bumper bag of abnormality.

Unfortunately we have to say his handling of the 4 -week delay scandal indicates to us he’s from the same cookie cutter as his predecessors.The latest Director was not around when it was concocted and enacted – so what’s stop him  admitting what we all know to be true –


As many former Wirral Council senior officers have learned – denial is a dangerous game to play.

As the annotation on the following  Freedom of Information request dated 28th March shows the questionable practices surrounding the implementation of  the 4 week delay in care packages continues to mount.

Its here in glorious black and white:

 Furthermore there is also evidence of continuing massive overspending and next weeks Employment Committee will hear that DASS heads the departmental list for the most days taken off due to illness.
Oh by the way this contributes massively to the average £1 million per annum that Wirral Council has been spending on sickness absence these past few years – despite reduced staffing levels or because of reduced staffing levels who can say? –
see HERE
We would also like to draw attention to the proposed closure of Moreton Day Centre for disabled people ( DASS clearly seem to have a thing about erasing “The M Word” from history don’t they?) .
Let’s be honest (well, we will be even if they won’t) DASS have wanted rid of day centres for years and years and somewhat like central government seem to be using the economic situation to justify their ideology of cuts and closures.
Big H neatly sidesteps the “What Really Matters” consultation about the need to “protect vulnerable people” ( a first for Wirral Council surely?) and says that DASS has had a “vision” ( DASS and “vision” in the same sentence is yet another first) and therefore Moreton Day Centre must go.
As Eldritch said : ” Vision?.Can we have some of what he’s fucking on”?.
” £100K plus apparently…..” Verity sniffed.

Which buys you a lot of nest eggs ……. for as long as the chickens don’t come home to roost.

Happy Easter, Lord & Lady WL x


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