Burn Blobby Burn


No more steak and kidney pudding for us at Leaky Towers  as it has been revealed that Wirral Council intend to make a 33% surcharge on the more rotund of us at their crematoriums! Death by Chocolate indeed !

Rather tactfully a Wirral Council spokesperson has said the Wirral surcharge “reflects the additional time and energy it takes to process larger cremations”.
I’ve heard of burning calories but this is ridiculous!


Hopefully this measure will also send out a message to the salad-dodging dignitaries in Council chambers.

No more (light) finger(d) buffets and smorgasbords for you corpulent Councillors  or when you shuffle off this mortal coil you’ll end up being dispatched by your loved ones into a brown bin – which frankly is where some of you belong and what’s more at £35 is an absolute bargain in these times of austerity!.

 Love, Tub of Lord .

Your’e The One For Me Folks


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