Is it just us or is the silence from Wallasey Town Hall is deafening on the subject of Technical Services Director Dave ” No Case To Answer” Green?.
Which is rather odd as highly placed sources within the Council  (and beyond) have apparently been openly discussing Green’s departure from Wirral Council- which considering the amount of public interest in the suspensions of senior Council officers involved in the Highways “scandal” is a mightily impressive demonstration of information lockdown, at which the new regime under Burgesski seem particularly proficient ( if only they were more proficient in running the Council properly!).

If Town Hall talk is to be believed ( a big ask we know) the abiding mystery is how Wirral Council managed to finesse Green’s departure on a straightforward redundancy package!.

Yes folks we understand there wasn’t the usual “there’s a big fat cheque ,now off you pop and no tittle-tattling about any naughtiness you pesky scamp” – type deal this time.
For once it would seem it was Wirral Council’s way or the er, highway………

However we ask ourselves can this possibly be true especially when we consider the likes of the equally wrongly maligned former Director of Law  Bill Norman (about whom more later) disappeared into the sunset clutching a wad of dosh and a sly grin?.

We’ve been scratching our heads at Leaky Towers trying to work out what possibly could have gone on?. This is pure conjecture on our part but according to sources Mr.Green wasn’t exactly the shy (early)-retiring type – so could it be that this particular episode has, contrary to the noises emanating from empty vessels,  yet to be concluded?……It would of course be remiss to speculate on the possibility  that advice was given amounting to “quit while you are ahead” and the “no case to answer” was a parting gift …so to speak?.

Watch this space – as Lord W knows you won’t be hearing anything on the subject from Wirral Council any time soon.


2 thoughts on “GREEN FOR GO

  1. Typical, we the people of Wirral, have grown up with this type of culture straight out of Brighton Street. More news yet to come but it will have to be prised out of the parties (sic) concerned with a carefully crafted FOI request that can’t in any way, shape or form, be considered “vexatious”.

    And watch out for the main constitutional event taking place next Tuesday, 30th April, 13 starting at 6:15pm T.H. Brighton Street …………………. “we know what you’re up to”, it isn’t really a closely guarded secret ……………… watch out for further coverage in Wirral Leaks. It might even go national in Private Eye; they may even make a film, can just see it now: “Whistle (blower) Down The Wind”!

  2. surely with the appointment of the master race,sorry super directors his post is redundant and he will be eligible for redundancy which currently has enhancements attached.

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