#FoI request – Illegal Four Week Delay Investigator – Was he rewarded with a job?

Wirral In It Together

The following FoI request was lodged back in February this year:


The request followed the customary “Wirral Way”.  Not all information was provided, and still hasn’t been, but following internal review, two months on, the ‘day rate’ for the investigator’s company was eventually revealed:

£515 per day or £2,575 per working week (over £100,000 per year)

Which is a healthy – even princely – sum, considering the wider recession and the crushing austerity being inflicted on those not in a position to secure well-paid work.

Although there will be a whole lot more information kicking around (but not provided) relating to precisely how Rob Vickers’ company was appointed, and the anonymous persons involved in the process, I won’t flog a dead horse this time around.  The public will have to settle for pretty much the bare minimum.

The mega-money involved here, although not the crucial factor, gives an…

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