POWER BOY PIP… and his strong leader powers


“To consider a recommendation from the Leader of the Council
(made under his strong Leader powers)…”
Yes boys and girls this is an actual quote taken from Comrade Pip’s Little Red Book ,sorry, a Wirral Council agenda:
So what’s the secret behind these strong Leader powers ?.
Full exclusive story here:
“Strong Leader” Pip pulls back the heavy velvet drapes and enters the stately pleasure dome that is Comrade Burgesski’s palatial office:
PIP : Excuse me, comrade,sir but could I please have a moment of your precious time?.
GB: (sighs heavily)…..if you must
PIP: Well the thing is…..it’s about these strong Leader powers. I’m not sure I can pull it off
GB: (closes eyelids contemptuously)…..oh you can pull it off alright.
PIP: No,no….I’ve done what you told me and I look in the bathroom mirror ever morning and repeat three times: I AM A STRONG LEADER……I AM A STRONG LEADER……I AM A STRONG LEADER.
GB: (picking idly at a bowl of peeled grapes) ….and so what’s your problem?
PIP: Well the thing is…… not even the family dog takes a blind bit of notice of me!
GB: ( impatiently waving his hand to dismiss the Council Officer giving him a foot massage)……. Comrade ,can this possibly wait for another time?.I’ve an entire workforce to dismiss unless they submit to my will
PIP: Yes,yes of course……..sorry to disturb you.
GB: ( gets up from jewel-encrusted throne) Precisely!……I’m disturbed enough trying to get this place into some kind of order (claps hands)…. now bring on the dancing girls…….I need to ease my troubled mind……….

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