Threatening Behaviour – Mr.Griffiths buys a new t-shirt.


Courtesy of a grant by the Local Government Association the control room at Leaky Towers is now equipped with the latest radar technology and the name that has appeared on the screens more prominently then any other lately is a Wirral Council Officer by the name of Surjit Tour.

Apparently he’s the one who proudly took on the mantle left vacant by the departure of former Director of Law Bill Norman and is not only acting up as Director of Law and Monitoring Officer but also seems to be acting the goat!

Following in his less-than-illustrious predecessor’s footsteps Putrid Sore’s latest wheeze, when he’s not displaying peoples personal details on allotment sites, is to threaten Wirral Biz whistleblower James “Griffo” Griffiths with libel action.

Somebody needs to tell Slipshod Bore that it’s unlawful to use Wirral Council taxpayers money to, er, sue Wirral Council taxpayers.

I know it’s an entirely new concept to some Council Officers but unfortunately,as much as they would like to think so,the Council coffers are not there for them to do as they please…………and that includes those Officers who like to use out of hours taxis when they’re,ahem, a bit “tired and emotional”.



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