On my oath! – it’s a Mayor Scare!!!!!


One of our spies in the camp (of which there are a growing number) reassures us that due to the bumbling incompetence displayed at the Mayoral ceremony on Monday night at Wallasey Town Hall  that Cllr Mitchell and the ever popular Cllr Foulkes may not have technically been sworn in to public office as Mayor and Deputy Mayor as Legal Bungler Sir Piss-Poor er, forgot about the oath. What a complete Foulk-up!

Having noticed that Cllr Mitchell hadn’t taken the oath, Comrade Burgesski swiftly intervened when it came to Foulksey’s turn – so who knows as to whether they’re legit ( and you can read whatever you like into that statement).

We at Leaky Towers are hoping that this is God moving in his well known mysterious ways and we may have been saved on a technicality from the awful spectre of Foulkesy becoming Wirral’s future first citizen!.






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