Stella Who?


The latest edition of Private Eye reports that the Chinese partner with Peel Holdings to create Manhattan -On-The- Mersey (aka Wirral Waters) is somebody by the name of Stella Shiu.

It would appear that Wirral Council staff are not only restricted from accessing Wirral Leaks they’re also prevented from doing some basic background checks.

Admittedly there is very little about Ms.Shiu on www  but she has been described as a high ranking member of the Chinese government and chairman of Sam Wa Minerals who requires bodyguards with Kalashnikov rifles!however Private Eye claim she may indeed be a Hong Kong bankrupt.

As the  Liverpool Preservation Trust have been reporting for some time there are questions that need to be both asked and answered –
Remember the future of Wirral seems to be riding on this development – it was  Power Boy Pip who said after the signing a Wirral Waters agreement in Beijing: “I spoke to over 100 Chinese businesses who are already demonstrating real commitment to locating in Wirral. This demonstrates our ambitions for proactively pursuing Chinese investment and will yield direct benefits for our local economy and the people of Wirral.”

Oh and heres former Leader Jeff Green posing with Lindsay Ashworth and Ms.Shiu herself ( although there don’t appear to be any bodyguards with Kalashnikov rifles in this shot) ……

We wouldn’t like to think that Wirral Councillors had been MISLED YET AGAIN.

PIP? JEFF?? STELLA???? – any comments?.

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