What better time than for Town Hall Tyrants to drive through changes in terms and conditions for Wirral Council employees than in the current climate of fear.

Taking advantage of the fact that they are the main local employer,we’re deep in recession and that apparently some parts of Wirral are now described as a “welfare ghetto” the threat of sacking staff and re-hiring them on changed terms and conditions seems to have worked the trick on a frightened workforce.

Unsurprisingly the signing of the draft collective agreement has been hailed as a triumph of negotiation by Power Boy Pip and Comrade Burgesski ( without seemingly realising that when wielding all that power over peoples lives that the cards are heavily stacked in their favour ).

Meanwhile we at Leaky Towers have acquired a transcript of the reaction to this development by local activist  “Brother” Joe Trotsky:

” As I stand united with you on this glorious day I say to you friends, Wirralians, comrades that together we can fight the ruthless oppression of the workers at Wirral Council…. and you say to me ” Comrade how can we do this?. Well first of all we can do the usual – capitulate – and in doing so we are showing the evil capitalist oppressors in Wallasey Town Hall that although we may be wage slaves who are just grateful for a job which enables us to forget our miserable existence and get slaughtered every weekend, we still have one thing that they can’t take away from us …..our pride in the continuation of the working class struggle!.

Friends,Wirralians ,comrades, the fight must go on – against the vicious Council cuts ( at this point Branch Secretary and radical feminist revolutionary Ms.Sandie Nista  whispers in Brother Joe’s ear…).

I would hereby like to thank my sister of the Struggle for reminding me that Comrade Burgesski has asked me to use the word “efficiencies” rather than cuts……..

So friends,Wirralians,comrades lets talk about those “efficiencies”. These “efficiencies” are a result of  deep and meaningful consultations, and you told them loud and clear  – you want the Council to protect the vulnerable.Did they listen ? let’s look at the “efficiencies” they propose  – closure of  Moreton day centre,stop transport for disabled children,stop meals on wheels, then there’s The Bin Tax! The Bedroom Tax!, Council Tax! …all taxes on the poor and vulnerable ! .

This evil Tory -run Wirral Council is a disgrace to humanity, an affront to decent people everywhere and an enemy of the working class ( Ms.Nista interrupts again).

…..Are you sure this is a Labour run administration Ms.Nista?……women eh?, I think you’re best sticking with “Hello” rather than the “Hegelian Dialectic”,love……

( Ms.Nista sighs heavily realising that the downfall of patriarchy presents a bigger challenge than she first thought and shows Brother Joe a picture of Power Boy Pip wearing a red rosette …..) 

Friends,Wirralians,comrades OK I acknowledge that this may now be a Labour run Council but there’s no getting away from the fact it is the Coalition Government who have forced the Labour Group on the Wirral to betray their working classes roots.

However I know that in their hearts – no Sandie I warn you now, just don’t go there – that the Labour Lads and Laddesses are standing in solidarity “wid der werkers” , for example there is no way any one of them would be involved in ,oh I don’t know, “dodgy offshore bank accounts” for example,because in these hard times that would be a bit of a kick in the teeth to us all, wouldn’t it friends, Wirralians and comrades?  

Friends,Wirralians,comrades I feel the time has come to end this rousing speech because I’m due on the first tee to negotiate further with the Town Hall officials who pay my wages for performing so well for the Council, OK yes,sorry about that Sandie ,yes I meant to say members……… ”  



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