Whistle While You Work


There was a strong sense of deja vu at Leaky Towers as we perused the Sunday papers and recoiled in horror at the continuing CQC/NHS scandals  – cover ups,pay offs,dishonesty,incompetence,mismanagement,abuse and death ,hidden documents ,redacted reports,bullying cultures ,protecting perpetrators and punishing whistleblowers,  collusion of politicians, appalling governance,no accountability, smearing whistleblowers as being mentally unstable and despicable, cynical PR spin in the name of reputation management .All there in all it’s gory detail and all so familiar to us here on the Wirral.

We can only hope that the public are beginning to realise what type of people are running some of Britain’s most respected institutions – those highly paid,public servants who behind the rictus grins,the expensive clothes ,the friendly handshakes and the important titles are finally being revealed for the scheming,devious,dishonest,ruthless self-serving sleazebags that they actually are……

Considering these type of revelations does anyone still maintain that any of the local whistleblowing cases have been handled properly by Wirral Council?.
There are more questions than answers when it comes to the Highways ,4 week delay and Wirral Biz cases.And even when there has been a supposedly thorough investigation such as the AKA Independent Review and Sundry Debts Independent Review  there remains the suspicion that we haven’t had the full story (and the redactions don’t help). We certainly don’t think anyone would dare argue we’ve witnessed any form of accountability. What’s more there are a few more cases that we’re aware of but because of all-pervading culture of fear we have agreed to preserve anonymity until such time as our sources are confident that they won’t be persecuted for telling the truth.In which case all we have to say to the poor creatures is that breath-holding is inadvisable!

However, is the tide finally turning ?……..we live in hope that the outrage that has accompanied the NHS scandals must surely have been causing reverberations closer to home.We can certainly feel them here and we suspect that others must be to. Not sure what we should call them (and thank you, but no,Eldritch we don’t need any suggestions from you!)  –  “The Redactees”?  “The Untouchables”? “The Departed” ” The Damned”? ” The Deniers” ?-  won’t be able to open the paper or switch TV channels or turn on the radio without hearing the the “W” word –   and we can sense,just like the increasing horde of NHS whistleblowers, that these guys and gals aren’t going away any time soon, even though Wirral Council spins the cases in such a way as to be considered “historic”.

So might we advise that if it seems there’s a sudden outbreak of tinnitus at Wallasey Town Hall it may just be that it’s the shrill,discordant tones of whistle-blowers…….and we predict they’re going to get louder and louder until those in power make up their minds as to whether they are part of the problem or part of the solution.
As somebody might have advised the Deputy Mayor : ” You know how to whistle Steve, you just put your lips together and blow…..”

Tootle Pip – Lord W

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