Loyal Leakers might remember a piece from August 2012 where we reported:

“We, at Leaky Towers, are all a-quiver about the promise of astonishing revelations from mysterious sources. It is clear from these sources that there are Town Hall employees who are STILL afraid to go through official channels……However, Lord and Lady WL are sitting here with our dry Amontillado breathless with anticipation, should Miss Snoop sweep majestically and stealthily like a young gazelle with the promised piece of paper, which has been referred to in a number of cryptic communiqués from a variety of sources?…….”


Well we’ve been tipped off that this piece of paper (and more besides) has finally surfaced courtesy of a Freedom Of Information request ( is it any wonder Frankie has a bee in his bonnet about them?)


The FOI response has been reported in the Wirral Globe thus:


There is an indication of sensitivity about the revelations that a number of comments have already been removed from the website.

However, revealing as it is to see behind the scenes discussions and the veiled threats from the then Council Leader Steve Foulkes to the then Chief Executive Jim Wilkie we understand that the devil is in the redactions ( as it is in many Wirral Council investigation reports) and especially pages 18-20 of the FOI response and on the pages that are inexplicably totally blanked out.

We need to remember the correspondence is concerned with an Employment & Appointments Committee held on 29th September 2011 where along with proposed management arrangements following the publication of the highly critical Refresh & Renew Corporate Govenance Report  the meeting also included a series of measures about whistle-blowing.


We  also need to remember this was during a critical period BEFORE the AKA Independent Review report was published.It would be most revealing, would it not, to discover what the Council leadership’s thoughts were on the gathering storm and how they wanted whistleblowing and the fall out from it to be “managed”……….

Therefore as a true test of the new regime’s commitment to  GLASNOST  we challenge them to publish the documents revealed in this FOI request FULLY and UNREDACTED (…and the AKA/Martin Smith reports whilst they’re at it).

We believe that if the documents were published unredacted the people of Wirral would finally begin to understand much of the madness that has been going on at Wallasey Town Hall for many years…..


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