Mad Fraters Fee Party

MADFRATERSMy mental faculties were failing me for a moment when the name Michael Frater was mentioned (but please,please,please don’t put me in Fernleigh).
Thankfully the sprightly and pert Verity reminded me of Mr.Frater and his magnificent fees. £1,200 a day to be precise ( that IT guy on £800 a day should demand a recount – but not by the Department of Finance – managers have just been on a training course on how to master the the abacus) .

So reality cheque ( geddit?!) here’s one Mr.Frater’s invoices.
9 days “work” and £13,486.80 richer.


However former Director of Law Bill Norman sends his best wishes from the rolling hills of Herefordshire.
If it wasn’t for being Frater- nised he wouldn’t be nearly £150K better off………
So anytime you hear Wirral Council pleading poverty – never mind the multi-million pound loans to other Councils…. remember this and weep.

Here’s the rest


4 thoughts on “Mad Fraters Fee Party

  1. Know if you wish your bourse to fill
    the secrets safe for one full year
    Unobserved and secret lies the bill
    but voters by audit’s right to peer
    uncover will, lock, stock and smoking barrell

  2. Why has David Armstrong endorsed 2 of the 4 with “agreed prior to my Acting Up”. Surely this has not the significance of the Feldmarschal’s signing of the commissar Order? What is to be ashamed of?

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